• The Dirty South

  • The North East tribute to Southern Rock

  • Music from Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, Blackfoot and more

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About the band...

Thrown together by circumstances beyond their control. "The Dirty South" comprises of 5 wayward strays who would no doubt be in the nearest jail if it weren't for the love of boogie and bourbon.......

Nippa Brodie - Hollerin'

Ex-Motorcross star, Nippa is one of the longest serving members of the band. After having to put his biking career on hold after a nasty accident, he decided to retire and concentrate on getting drunk and singing instead. The bike is in the repair shop.

Graeme Kelly - Geetar and Backin' Hollerin'

After being rescued from the swamps where he was raised by a family of alligators, Graeme is now semi-civilised and almost potty trained. Having convinced the parole board that he is completely rehabilitated via forged psychiatrist letters and a note from his mum. We are slightly scared of putting him on a stage, given his destructive nature and short fuse, but so long as he only breaks his own geetars we will be fine.

Steve Gilroy - Geetar, Mandolin and Backin' Hollerin'

Earl was found lurkin around in the dirtiest of bars and clubs with no cash in his pocket and a strange smell of petrol hanging over him. After a hosing down and sobering up we threw him on a stage. He plays a mean geetar and drinks cheap whiskey to keep his hollerin voice in check. He hasn't paid for any of his guitars.

Kev Laverty - Low Down Geetar

Carlsson has a history of dead band buddies who have all suffered in the line of duty. With a reputation for being the hardest rumble player in the world to work with, we recruited him instantly. So far, we have all survived by keeping him plied with Guinness and Big Macs. Only time will tell...

Martin Bell- Backbeat

Resident lunatic, Martin has drummed with them all. Sadly this has reflected on his sanity and frequent visits to his padded cell are required. He is also the driver of the black truck in "Duel". Martin agreed to join us after a drunken conversation in a shady local bar. He didn't know what he had agreed to and we didn't let him back out. There is a lesson for us all there...

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